Monday, March 21, 2011

Far East Movement @ Wavehouse

Actually I am very lazy to blog now.
I have no idea why , and at the same time I wanna share the photos we took at the wavehouse.
Ironic much ?

All thanks to F&N who sponsored us a pair of tickets for each blogger.
The spokesperson say it's to thank us for our hearthardwork .
If you have not read my Singapore Dance Delight VOL.2 blog entries.
Please read them here !

I bought Fenny along.

With Fenny & Benjamin .
Both wearing green for St Patrick's Day .

Look at the queue !!!

HOHOHOHOHO , I got priority qqqqqqqqq.

We got this stamp chop because we are under 18 according to lawUnderage by law.
Me phail my angmoh.
I think Benjamin is the most poor thing one .
His birthday is next week lei !!!!

& Yongwei .

With the other bloggers !

& alton supercute(!!!)

& Benjamin bestie.

HA ! This is our twin pic .

I just wanna HAOLIAN this picture because I didn't know my camera can do this.

Went back to Singapore Island not long after Far East Movement left the stage.
As you can see ,
one yongwei = 1conan + 1 calvin .

& we met Hana on the way back .
See chio bu , must take picture ma..

(^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ


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