Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rough Addicts not rough at all...

As the tittle suggest, Rough addicts is NOT rough at all .
Bingo , they are the second team under my care …

*Give faithful face*

& Indeed , they are the only ALL GIRLS team in the whole competition .

And as usual, the very kpo curious me decide to ask them some juicy-worth-gossip pre competition questions.

Introducing to you .
Love them , they were ultra friendly people.

Why all girls but still call Rough Addicts ????

The answer is , the girls used to be from 2 separate groups ( “Rough Cuts” and “Addicters” ).
They had been dancing together for more than 5 years since their poly days.
Since they going to combine into one group.
Group name also must combine ma.

Then like that become Rough Addicts already lor! :D

p/s : When I head down to interview them , the team leader Orange told me half the group wasn't in their tip top condition .

Problems faced.

Because they came from 2 different groups, their dance styles were different in a way.
Some of them were more on hiphop and manly moves while the others were doing more on sexy moves .
And also not forgetting their strong competitors too.

Rough Addicts share the teams they like !
[I told them Joyce and the Boys is excluded ]

They didn’t manage to catch the all the groups.
Among the groups they saw the performance they say that they personally like Flair brothers.

What is Singapore Dance Delight to the girls ??

“It is the biggest dance thing in Singapore and something I wanna win”

“It is a good platform to push ourselves as there are many strong competitors ”

(extracted answer)

Rough Addicts' Supporter !!!

Of course getting into the Top 20 is worth something to show off be encouraged ,
Next question is ….

What is the unique factor to get to the Top 20 ?

They were the ONLY ALL GIRLS TEAM !!
They stated that they do what normally the others all girls groups would not do .
Their moves 比较 ‘man’.

Self Proclaim Moment.

We love confident dancers don’t we ?


This is Angie reporting from skiesoflove.
Have a good night.

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