Sunday, March 06, 2011

Enter the wonderland of Harlequinn's


I believe we all remember harlequin by their dramatic loud crazy outfits.

Yes, the team with the super white makeup,

Heart shaped lips, Green eyelashes.

Yes that team.

I was very pleased when I had the chance to get closer with them.

Eh fans, I know you jealous la , I took photos with them but I forgot to ask for their autograph .

It was my VERY FIRST interview with people , so I think got too formal….

I popped up during one of their practices and prepared some questions for them.

AND I WAS VERY NERVOUS TOO !(⌒_⌒; タラタラ And I start niao.

I ask them why they wanted to have their costumes so loud like this .
They told me they had doll-like dance moves and was inspired by the dolly costumes the came across on the net.
It was to help them gain more points in the competition too.

When I ask them about how long they had been dancing together,
they told me this :
“ not very long actually ,we were not really friends before this.”

I was actually quite surprised because they have very good chemistry.
They mentioned that they merely know each other’s presence before forming the group.

It's amazing right?

The team had been dancing different styles individually for quite a number of years but only in recent years they tried new genres and bringing it to the SDD V2.

It was their passion for dance which gave them the will to come together and try something new . And when I ask them where did they get their courage from to join the SDD2 with the maybe-not-so-good-skills , they told me :

“ Just feel like as a dancer, I need to push myself ”

“I can’t help it…”

One of the member , Zenn Ritz 's brother is in another top 20 team.
Out of curiousity , I asked , how is it like to be competing with your brother.
He said that he dont feel that they are competing , but more like supporting each other. "It's a challenge for myself to be better ."


What is the factors that you think which allow you to get into the final?

“Others focus strictly on one genre while we do not have one to be classified in. A strong concept, we know what we want and has the right direction .We are clear of each other’s strength and weaknesses . And also willing to take risks and we go all out for what we want .”

What is Singapore Dance Delight to you?

“ It is a stepping stone for us to improve, to meet new friends who share the same passion for dance. It is a great learning experience and an exit to step out of our comfort zone ”

Okay time for a break
\( ̄ー\)(/ー ̄)/\( ̄ー\)(/ー ̄)/
If you are interested in them , you may leave a comment below.
Please fulfill the following criteria before you apply :
- Passion for dance
- Humble
- Great patience
- Willing to accommodate with the dancer's schedule.

Alright, we will continue .

“ We just wanna give our best on the finals. ”
To the team , as much they want to dance in Japan Dance Delight, they felt that they had already won .
“We want to win , but we want to the get the audience to remember us more.”
They told me that it is their honors to share the stage with the other teams that are better than them .

I had my share of fun time with them .
They were very hyped and funny.
From this session with them, I've learnt that a good attitude can bring you far.
& as a performer, enjoying the opportunity to perform is the key thing in any competition . .

All the best , HARLEQUINN !
Catch them live at Wavehouse, Sentosa on the 12th !


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