Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time to scoopz some ice cream.

Time for icecream again !
The year 3s in school were selling Scoopz vouchers and I just got it from Adeline's friend.
So I got Weijian to have the ice cream with me, ST had enlist so. ohhhhhhh~

What we were entittled were :
- one classic waffle set
-2 scoops ice cream
- $1x 5 vouchers.

The fickle-minded me always have problems with choosing ice cream flavours and I'm glad that the staff were patient enough with me.
We tried almost ALL favours and still take 10 mins to choose WTF>
I mean like HEY ! They are all fantastic k.

In the end we decided on the two favours, Mango Sorbet and Chocolate Crumble.

Mango Sorbet $2.90

Waffle with Chococolate Crumble ice cream
 I'm sorry it was covered in the voucher so I didn't take note how much it cost.

And if you are wondering why there's a scoop of ice cream on top of our waffle.
The reason is because I didn't want to have 2 scoops of ice cream on top (melts easily imo)
And I wanted one scoop there because it will look nicer on the picture. #madesense

Yay to the staff that accepted my request and maybe cursing me inside.

Fcking act cute.
We just nua-ed there for an hour more, and I was craving for more ice cream.
But I didn't just want to have ice cream .
I saw some thing called the Freezeball and I went for it.
Freezeball $3.90
Freezeball- filled with favoured ice, topped with caramel hantien , this yogurt ball that will "explode" in your mouth and a scoop of ice cream of your choice.
I opted for Mango Sorbet again wtf.
This favoured ice thingy is ridiculous
It taste ridiculous , smell ridiciulous, but you will just continue eating it.

Ice Lychee Earl Grey Tea $3.90
Overly sweet for the 2 of us. Maybe you will like it if you have a sweet tooth.

Meet yourapplepie yo

That's all folks !
Scoopz is located at

222 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, Singapore 574354

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