Monday, December 19, 2011

Brand's MUSIC CHANGES LIVES with Wang Lee Hom 2011

He was sending me an invite to watch Wang Lee Hom live.

Okay , I'm not a hardcore fan . But its Wang Lee Hom.
The best asian musician in my eyes. #omgicantbelieveit.

It's the second year of Brand's Music Changes Live concert with Wang Lee Hom .
I saw it on earlier this year with an overwhelming response.
I did view some of the contantsants' video, but I can't remember which .

Anyway, I was actually invited to both the media conference and the concert.
But I was late for the conference, I missed out 3/4 of it.

 Therefore, I'm not going to touch on that.

With Mint & Hayley !
 The concert was held at NUS University Cultural Centre to showcase the wonderful performance skills of the 4 winners.

 Sat next to Mint !

Started by an opening showcase by the 2011 Brands' Music Changes Live winners, they played 'I gotta a feeling' together on various instruments.

 Introducing the guest celebrities.

& Lee hom !
 The concert then continued by solo performances by the 4 winners.
First up , Andy performed "Let's go" on this electric guitar, together with his band
 Followed by Michelle, on the piano , playing " Schubert's Impromptu Op90 No.2"
Not easy in my opinion, she must had practiced real hard.
 Spruce with his alto saxophone, performed Alicia Keys' " If I ain't got you "
 Yue Ling then played "Beethoven Virus" on her volin .
I loved this song, I keep smiling when she played it.  ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪
 Special Guest Performance by Tor+, playing and singing 月亮代表我的心。
I love this improvisation of the song though I do find it a little draggy.
Tor+ you are still awesome and cute !(笑)
 The 4 musicians were back to awe us with the collaboration performances.
 Andy with Jonathan Leong, with the piece "For You"
 Both Yue Ling and Michelle with Tabitha Nauser, performed "Someone Like You " by Adele
 Spruce and Taufik showcased their soulful version of "Superstition"

Last but not least, the long anticipated moment !
Wang LeeHom brought 3 songs for us.

Toast to Brand's
I was inspired after the concert.
I was having a music exam that week and I really make me really how far off I was.
I really need to work harder for my passion .(・w・)


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