Sunday, May 29, 2011

Have a break and make @yourapplepie's secret 芒果冰 Beta Version .

Hello Jello Yellow.
I know there is no signs of red only yellow.
Hehe, you know.. like sometimes participating for a blogging contest can be tough too.

My creativity cells ken nod help me generate good ideas to win so ,

I should have a break , from the contest.

Have you ever face your computer till you feel like vomiting ?
Have you ever have situations of running away from your workspace ?
Okay I think you can sorta ignore me.

okok , as I mention .
I took a break from the contest and I thought it would be nice to share.
My mum got some really cheap mangoes ( 1 for $1)
So I made 芒果冰 Beta Version.

Why 芒果冰 Beta Version?
Because I've made one blog entry about 芒果冰 before ( not a recipe), but this time round I improved my recipe.

Let's start ! (●⌒∇⌒●)

You need to prepare the ingredients , make it 4 things.

& Ice.

Then here are the steps !

I got 2 mangoes here.
Little bit eat not shiok one.
Divide the mangoes into (7/8) and (1/8)
I choose the mango parts nearer to the seed to be in the (1/8) part.
The texture will be better.

Add the (1/8) mango and 2 ice cubes and into the blender.
I always have the habit of putting 2 ice cubes into the blender when I am blending fruits.
I feel that because the blender will generate heat when you blend it , the ice cube can some how help.
Aiya, basically it is just my habit la #excuse101

My mum also got this blender that can get the ice shaved so I skip the step .
Just put ice inside the blender and let it blend.
This is common sense right ?

Still remember the fruits we blend in step2 ?
Put on top of the shaved ice, like ice kacang like that.

Add the (7/8) mango into the bowl !

Add some condensed milk .
I chose the lowfat condensed milk .
Do bear in mind that mangoes have high content in sugar level. ^^

Oh , then it is done !
Easy like this .

Do drop me a comment if you tried it , and tell me how it is !



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