Friday, May 27, 2011

Have a break & draw nonsense !

Yawns .
Oh one good news, I am one of the top 10 finalists for the kit kit blogging challenge.
Means.... I am one step closer to my dream holidays !:heart:

If you have not read my semi-winning post, it is here .
To be honest , I did not really follow the plan.
Many things popped up and I wasn't really able to carry all the things I've listed.

Last saturday , Kit Kat/ Nestle organised an art jamming session for the finalists at my art space located at Tanjong Pagar Road.

Look at my just-wakeup face.
Okay you can laugh .
Tired lahhhhhh, need to have a break !

Shifu for the day !

HP, William & I putting our aprons.

Yes me , my hello kitty crocs shoes and my hello kitty camera pouch.
Now you know why I have a ribbon/bow in my painting ! (笑)

Cho excited cause it has been 4 years since I took a paint brush and paint.

& also we were given a canvas each to work on .
I only tried erm, painting on drawing block and walls ?
I painted some drawing of mine of my parents room but I never had time to finish the painting.
My mum threw the paint away -.-

Do you think that Yong Wei look like a butcher ?
I think he look like the one selling pork .
On a cartoon side, I think he look like Po , the panda from Kung Fu Panda!

I took blue, yellow and red for the start.
This 3 colors are the basic colours so I believe that they are sorta happy colours.
Basic is always good.

Janet came over to take photos and I just happily pose.
I had no inspirations and it quite bad.
I just had to go with my blood flow and see what I can doodle paint.

Yongwei and his painting !

My 'masterpiece' :heart:
I think it is quite my personality .
Do nonsense, talk nonsense, draw nonsense.

The others' art pieces.
I feel so inferior....

After everyone finish painting , we had a mini sharing session .

My turn to share!

To be honest, I think my drawing not bad lei.
I think it is abstract art.
Because I use 3 basic colours, it looks quite relaxing right.
Like you just don't wanna think of anything and just daydream.
Or maybe you wouldn't even want to see my drawing u.u
Although I myself don't quite understand what I am painting also.
Well, actually it wasn't quite bad to just 放空 and just paint whatever you want.

After that we got hungry and starting nom-ing on the snacks .

Oh this is Joanne and her work !
She was nervous but she did a great job in telling us more about her art piece !
If you love to take bus, you might see this animated creatures on the bus ads for kit kat.
& Don't scare Joanne if you see her on the streets .

Other bloggers , our art pieces and I !
I like Kaiyi's rainbow.

Ending with a photo of us who loves breaks!^_^

If you are tired, or going to get tired soon.
Relax and have a break .
Before you get referred to IMH .:worry:


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  1. lol ah i want to paint but don't own any brushes yet lol


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