Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh you know what , I BOUGHT MASKS AGAIN !

I went on a 1day shopping (yes shopping) trip to JB with Yuting & our mums.
& I bought 2 shorts for RM60 (one denim shorts and one fluffy one) and a top for RM19.90
No pictures cause I send everything to the washing machine.

I had no intention of doing up this post cause it is quite boring to share what I buy .
I am not rich lor but I was reading Himeko's blog and she wrote this

Finally got my mask from Angie!
She told me she wanna buy these 2 types of mask but she have about
248923482 mask at home so she asked me to share with her.
I never tried this "beauty diary" brand of mask before [I don't like the hype]
so I thought, ahh why not.
-extracted from

Therefore the reason why you can reading this .

I got this Lettuce & cucumber toner from skin food and she gave me samples of other products.
Partly because we (me and yuting) spent like more than RM180 , I think .
We got recycle bag and a makeup pouch too.
Maybe it is their marketing tactic but I don't care.
Management of skin food please give a pay raise to the ladies working in SKINFOOD JB CITYPLAZA Branch .
The lady was super patient and she provide GEMS Service .

I told Yuting that Etude house masks is cheap too.
BUT I didn't know they had sales .
& the mask got EVEN CHEAPER.
5 for RM12

They got the 5 essence mask in one package & the more 'natural vege' masks in one package.

I'm not sure how much one costs in SG but it is already cheap .
Because the original price for ONE Piece is RM9.90 .
No one buy , so we just buy.

When I came back , then I realise how effing cheap it is .
Nao , I super regret not buying for Fenny . :[

Cheap deals for the win yo~


  1. Yes !!! Dont you think it is super cheap and I will regret if I dont buy??? HAHAHAHAHA


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