Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Update on Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals - Teddy Bear Sneakers

Hello everybody !
Still remember I blogged about this Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals - Teddy Bear Sneakers some time ago ?

Just a little update on this cute little pair of sneakers .
I have checked the prices and yups it is available in Singapore!
Scream girls.

I believe you can find/buy it in all the Adidas Original outlets in Singapore.
However , the brown one are already out of stock lonnnnnnnnnng time ago and you have to pre-order for the pink ones.
I went to check at the Adidas Orginal outlet at Bugis Iluma and that's what the staff told me.
Apparently ,my friend told me that the prices at different outlets varies a little. ( like a few dollars)
Not sure how true was that.
Prices around SGD$ 349 to $352 .
Keep your budget up to $450 because I'm not sure if you have to pay anything extra.
I've check it out for some time back already , so please double confirm with the staff assistants.
They are really friendly , love it !

If you want to buy , please preorder with Adidas Original fast !
I believe they are bringing in the stocks soon , so be quick !

As much as I love this pair of sneakers, I'm not going to get it .
Too expensive for me and too cute to wear !

Hope this piece of information is useful .


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