Tuesday, April 05, 2011

All food with Best friend .

Last week , I met with Icecream for a date catch up session .

Everytime I meet bestfriend means he is going to fatten me with good food .

This time round we tried Marvelous Cream this time !

I always wanted to try , but it didn’t really fascinate me to DIE ALSO MUST TRY .

Still attracted to traditional ice cream you see.

We had the sandwich waffles.

Not really sure what it is called.

If I had to rate it ,

Food : 3/5

Ambience : 3/5

Price : 3/5

A bit scary to eat ice cream and have people looking outside ah …

& I still love traditional ice cream .

You know those old school ones with flavors like corn , atap seed, peanut , etc.

Nao you can has Applepie + ice cream .

I had classical bitter chocolate & cacao truffle.
It's okokay only.
In my opinion , it is ice cream without ice.
Getit ?
Just cream lor .

Bestf 's Strawberry milk & diplomat chocolate
( which I don't like at all )
Someone please enlighten me , WHAT IS DIPLOMAT CHOCOLATE ?
Chocolate undergoing a diploma ? LOLLLLL.

kitty-chan in my bag!

After that we hopped over to the Italian restaurant opposite (trattoria italian kitchen), because A was too hungry .


I swear I had the good meal in this year, and probably the best restaurant food I had eaten.

However , I was a little unhappy when the waitress rushed us for orders :[

The wild mushroom soup is so bloody thick I couldn’t even finish half.

Wasted food again ….

In fact I NEVER finish the food I ordered with bestfriend treat before.


I had the salad because I have a very tiny stomach .

I love the salad !!!

So going to order the salad again if I have another chance to dine there.

I’m not sure what’s the name of the salad , I know it is priced $11.20 and there some honey roasted ham or something .

Both of us like this so much , we finished it !

There’s only one salad that is $11.20 so I guess it will not be too tough to find it.

Highly recommended by meeeeeeeeee.

Please try it

I had honey lemon ( which I don’t quite like ) and bestfriend had some coffee thing..

I was quite disappointed in the drinks we ordered actually.

Both drinks were not up to my liking.

Maybe we ordered the wrong drinks .

Maybe I have a fussy tougue .

Maybe I was not so lucky .

Just maybe only.

Bestfriend’s crabmeat linguine.


It is not in those creamy sauce which covers the freshness of crabmeat .

I quite like this dish because I can really taste the ‘liveliness’ of the crab IN THE PASTA . LOL

Poor vocab , my bad.

If you dislike the smell of seafood, then I guess you wouldn’t like this .

If I were to rate :

Food : 4/5

Drinks :2.5/5

Ambience : 4/5

I love the placeeeeeeee.

Bestf said that it wasn’t too expensive , but most of the time his not-so-expensive is expensive to me .

So I can’t rate for the pricing , but I guess its quite okay for a mid-range restaurant in town which serve good food.

They also have daily promotions , the day we dined the restaurant was having some student promotion , IF I am not wrong.

That's all .
Bye-bi !


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