Friday, April 08, 2011

Who are you jealous of ?

Meows .
Just came back from makan session with percussion .
It's push forward to Thursday this week , because Emmanuel had to fly off tomorrow.
We had pasta mania at NEX for dinner.
They are having a soup + bread + main =$7.80
So very worth it .

&of course we had desserts too .
I can't remember the shop name .

And then , we had a THE HARD TRUTH talking session .
During the sharing session , both xean and I cried.
Emmanuel was holding his tears and Vigi was nuturing tears.
It feel bad when you are unaware of what had been happening around ,
And also being accused of what you never did before .
Basically , we tears because we did nothing but got accused .
Get dislike and got words/things into our mouths.
I felt so wtf when I heard what was unpleasant to my ears.
At the end of the day , we came down to the conclusion of this question .


I am jealous of them (which I shared with my lovelies) because they can be so close and I can't.
Emmanuel shared about the "theory" behind it.
We will gossip/psyco/ and whatever bad because we are JEALOUS,
Jealous of what people have and what we don't.

Make sense?
Who are you jealous of then?


  1. Jealous? More like envy how well my friends are doing or got maid at home and how well their mother/s treat them

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Just came across your blog !
    I just had something similar happened to me :(
    Btw love your blog post about the shoeeess !
    I am so going to get them !


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