Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sydney Trip Day 1

Finally I'm getting out of Singapore to somewhere slightly further away !

Group picture with Johnson's girlf included before we leave !

 Scoot menu! 
Actually.... the pricing is rather reasonable in my opinion !

 Touching down Syndey !

 Kakis buying train tickets !

  Going to take train !

 Alighting at the Museum station , which is about 4 stops away from the International airport .

Our first day there was crazily hot, it was 31 degree celsius wtf.
Even our host family said we brought the heat over wtf.

 Anzac Memorial Hall across the street from the apartment we rented.

 & our cozy apartment !

 View from our apartment.

 We ermmmmmm. ransacked our apartment .

 Group Pic with Jocelyn & Aunt Carol !

Lunch was at pie face .


K kidding.

Side track a bit, you see the white/brown cake at the extreme left ?
That's like a traditional cake over in Australia and I loved it.
I tried that on Day 5 and it is so good.
A little like our kueh with coconut flakes.

After lunch , we went about the area to familiar ourselves and do some shopping ! 

@ Queen Victoria Building

Shopping was rather boring until we saw this shop , Happy Lab !

They sell jellybeans, candies, special flavoured lolipops ( I bought a lot of vodka flavoured ones) and chocolates.
Also the place where I bought gifts for my friends and school mates !

The girls do the grocery shopping while the boys went fishing with our host family !

Back to apartment to put down the groceries, & off to chinatown for dinner with our host family .

  Food there was not bad, bill came out to about 20 AUD per pax.

Walk about the chinatown before we head back !

Back to apartment and bonding time with some cider drinks !



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