Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Manhattan Pizza Co , available in Singapore now!

Thank you HP for introducing the Manhattan pizza co to us last weekend.
The well known Manhattan pizza co is here available in Singapore !

When HP text me asking me to go for the food tasting, I was like oh? Manhattan fish market came out with a new division ah ?

Manhattan Pizza does not have any connections with Manhattan Fish Market. Started in 1976 in New York City, they serve pizza with passion and all so yummylicious. A fast food concept restaurant that aims to provide affordable pizza meals.  Singapore was their first overseas venture and they are located at Orchard Central basement 1 ( where the old mos burger is). I am really glad that they come !

Chief was really nice, he prepared some drumlets and fries to start our meal.
 Original Buffalo wings ($5.80)

NY Wedges with curry sauce ($5)

THIS IS SO GOOD OMG. Okay , I'm craving for this now.
Never thought that this can taste so good. Priced at $5 , the portion is big enough to share for 2-3pax according to my tummy size.

 NY Wedges with cheese sauce ($5)

Just like our cheese fries but instead of fries it's wedges. I like it with curry sauce better. 

 I personally prefer wedges over fries anytime. More potato fillings and less oily( in my opinion) 
Such a lovely combination together with cheese or curry.
 Together with Fenny !

Le pizza is....


  Eat all the pizza
 Half and half pizza

We had roasted duck pizza and a pizza specially made for us . I loveeeeeee the roasted duck pizza. A little similar to the roasted duck pizzas we are familiar with but in a thicker crust. If you want to pick up a whole 20inch pizza, I recommend you to call them up to order first.

 Too good wtf.
 Thank you chief!
 Combo and price list.

9 classic pizzas are freshly made and available everyday while there are 3 seasonal pizzas that changes from time to time. 

Location :

That's all folks !

Bye-bi !


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