Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mask Review : Sexylook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask

Thanks secretive.sg for sending me more masks to try out ! They actually send me months ago , but I didn't had time to try out + my skin keep giving me problem.

Bird Nest X Caviar
Nutrition level is way too high .

We all know that bird's nest is really good for the skin, be it an application product or just for consumption. Caviar, is a product made from salt-cured fish-eggs of the Acipenseridae family while caviar extract is very rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6. This means that it can help to slow down the aging process while moisturing. It also helps to speed up the natural production of collagen.

 I super love this neck part !!!!! How many times have I said I love the duo lifting series masks.

My say : Well, because I have eczema on my face, when I put on the mask it bites a little. After a minute or so , it stops and be rather gentle. I think it is "attacking" the injured areas (eczema) and rejuvate it. I don't really like the smell though ( not a fan of bird's nest). I'm pretty satisfied with the after mask effect as I could really feel that my face is brighter and looks more moisturized. I was quite worried at first, because my eczema keep coming on and off but nothing happened after masking !

Sexylook masks are available in all Watsons stores!

Disclaimer: What works for me might not work for you .
Hope this is useful !



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