Thursday, September 13, 2012

UNDEAD FOREST // Fright Fest @ Singapore Flyer 2012

Disclaimer : Not suitable for the weak and scaredy cats.

Tricks or treats, are you prepared for Halloween 2012?
Halloween is not widely celebrated in Singapore but there's always Halloween events going around in some of the tourists' attraction. I was invited to the media preview of FrightFest @ Singapore Flyer so here's my experience !

All of the bloggers & our plus ones gathered in the Greek Theatre getting briefed for what we will expect.

My Halloween date for the day : Adeline !

 We started our experience when a ride in the Singapore flyer where we have to solve a maths equation.
 Genius shuqing got it solved ! yayyyyyyyyyy. 
Nah we didn't help , we just camwhore !

 I've been on the flyer for many times, but this is my first time seeing the night view.
That's gardens by the bay , by the way.
 With Hong Peng!

The Undead Forest is located in the rainforest so when we were coming down from the flyer, we could actually see some of the "ghosts" and get ourselves mentally prepared.
 Watched a dance performance before we enter the gates.
Did calm me down alittle, I'm a coward afterall.
 Last shot before we enter ! 

Here are some characters you would expect to see !
 Get greeted by the Guards of the gate to hell, but in this case, to the undead forest.

 From the dark waters, the little girl will grab your hand.
 The helpers are with the masks, no they are not ghosts. 
Ask them for assistance if you need. The ghosts wouldn't help.
 Yes sadako , your vision is good.
 She is climbing to you wtf.
 "Return me my baby " she would say
 Psychotic clown out to scare us !

 Freddy VS Jason
 Adeline likes them so she gets a shot with them !
 Zombies out to play ! #L4D2moodon

 Conquer your fear, if not you are not getting out !

Rest at the Singapore Flyer Guest Lounge after that !
 Thanks for the refreshments and eyeball "The eye" mocktail
Being media,  we get a close up session with ahem the ghosts. 

 Give them an A for their grading la ! Great Job SP Students !
 I have smaller eyes but yea, I'm a ghost too. LULULULULULULULU. :P

Are you ready for FrightFest 2012, The UNDEAD FOREST ?

The Frightfest begins on the second week of October, but remember the Undead Forest is only open on Fridays to Saturdays. Mark your dates now ! ( 12 – 14, 19 – 21 and 26 – 28 October 2012 )

Of course we always have early bird specials, get them before October !

FrightFest Value Pack includes the ticket to the Undead Forest and a flight on the Singapore flyer, costs $42/$45. Prices varies from peak and non peak period.

While if you only want the admission to the Undead Forest, an adult ticket would cost $22/$25, child ticket $15/$18 , for group purchase would be $18/20 for a ticket !

To book / purchase your tickets online :

Also check out the lastest updates on the Frightfest on their FB Page :

Have fun at the World's Largest Observation Wheel !X


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