Sunday, August 05, 2012

Review : Skin 79 BB cleanser

 Thank you SKIN 79 SINGAPORE for sending the new BB Cleanser for me to try out !

Are you a fan of SKIN 79's BB Cream ? Or a fan of BB creams ?
Have you face times when you feel that your face is still not clean after removing makeup ? #pununintended
Because I do, I always feel like there's still something stuck deeeeeeppppp inside the pores. (−_−)ノシ・・・ハァ・・・

The SKIN 79 BB Cleanser is able to deep-cleanse our skin removing makeup residues deeeeepppp in our pores and remove dead cells at the same time , it also helps to moisturize skin and keep skin looking healthy ! YAYYYYYY.

Main ingredients : Chia seeds extract, oat meat extract, acacia collagen, wichihagel extract
It's in gel form when pumped out , then slowly evolve into bubbles when spread open.

 I tried on my hand before using it on my face so here i go !
Applied some BB cream on my hand
  Apply adequate amount of the cleanser and rub it.
Just a small amount will do !
 Wait for it to foam up !

 The bubbles actually foams up quite quickly.These bubbles are so tiny they are able to deliver oxygen to your face. If you have oily skin , the cleanser can also help to balance out.

 Able to see the difference ? 

After rinsing off the cleanser, skin will have a soft and smooth after feel.
No tightness at all, kinda surprised by that cause some products makes my skin feel so tight that it hurts a little.

I love this ~
No tight feeling, it double cleanse, have detox effect and inexpensive !

The SKIN 79 BB Cleanser  is retailing at $24.90 , available in Watsons, SASA, John Little & BHG outlets.
Disclaimer : What works for me might not work for you.



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