Saturday, August 04, 2012

Contest : Are you a Social Magnet ?

Not sure if I am a social magnet but I am definitely a social media addict. My life changed after I met twitter and it seems to be like I’m dating the social media. I mean like ermmm…. I think I possibly can’t leave without it anymore. Ever since I’ve been actively been on the social media sites, I have made so many friends and created many memorable experiences for me. 

Anyway not the point, People’s Association has come out with an iPhone app, called OurCommunity. The iPhone app is a social media app similar to what we all are using everyday  ( can add friends, can create event, etc) and also over 6000 fun activities and courses available to participate in the community centre and water venture outlets all over Singapore!

Not sure about you, but every time if I need to pee urgently outside and there’s no shopping malls around. I would go hunt for the nearest community centre because they probably have the cleanest toilets around and also easy to locate. With this app, I am able to locate the nearest Community centre even easier. 

It’s easy to navigate and suitable for all age.

What should YOU do ?
Step 1 : Download the “OurCommunity” app from the iTunes App store.
Step 2 : Register an account and invite your friends to join you !
Step 3 : Explore the interactive features of the app.

You will receive the “Starter Social Magnet Badge” in once you have 20 friends, another “Advanced Social Magnet Badge” at 50 friends and one more , “Expert Social Magnet Badge” when you have 100 friends! I quite confident that I will get the Expert Social magnet badge in days. *flick hair*

Download the app now and stand a chance to prizes like an iPad, shopping vouchers and other attractive prices! Psst, it’s easier to win an iPad if you have more than 100 friends on the app . 

Gotta go do my job as a Social Magnet and attract all my friends to download the app now !


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