Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises with Domino's pizza

Conan . Fenny & I !

Credits : Fenny
We started off with a short speech by  Domino's marketing manager, Ms Linda Hassan . ( I took a pic, but it was blurry , so I deleted it) 

Thank you OMY X Domino's for the Movie date ! 

Fans were able to get the limited edition glasses with every purchase of The Dark Knight meal ( ends on 5 Aug) . We were the lucky few to be able to get the glasses. YAYYYY.
Credits : Fenny

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Video .

The movie is 2 hr 45mins ,and  would end on 19 August in local cinemas. And we all know the movie is part of the Batman series.

The movie was great, it was a good session with my friends like how we will sit together and enjoy our Domino's pizzas together. 

Thanks Domino's for organizing!


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