Monday, July 09, 2012

#SBA2012 Eco Challenge !

Honestly , when I receive the SBA Challenge, I was like, eco theme ?
DO WHAT SAY WHAT FILM WHAT!!!!! #panickycells

Then I asked around for people's first impression when you mention something ECO.
Answers are : green color, plants, 3R, Save electricity.
Interesting answers are: The save the world song by Mediacorp, we are dying wtf.

Anyway this is my video.

I seriously know nuts about doing video with a video camera, so I had a crash course on how to operate it before I manage to shoot.

And in the video, the value I want to share is more about caring.
Like caring for the future generation and everyone else on this planet.
Just imagine, one day we wake up in a different world.
How traumatising can it be? Something along that line.
While filming this video , I also learnt how I can do my part to save our planet and also about vampire devices, LED / energy saving light bulbs etc. Which can in turn help us to save some moolah.*YAYYYYYYYY*
Every cent counts.

I do not have air con installed in my room , so I think I have saved my bill quite a bit. HEHE

So what is Vampire devices. It is an electronic device that draws current even though power is off.  And that's why you see my hand plugging out the device. #newthinglearnt

Filming Process !
I know nothing about doing videos, most of the time I appear infront of the lens when I do videos, so Conan accompanied me to film and guide me along. ( xiexieni)
We started the day over at my neighbourhood area, cause we found recycling bin downstairs my place!

Then we went over to Lorong Buangkok Kampung to film the other parts because I desperately wanted the chair scene ( see video thanks) . 
To our pleasant surprise, we found solar panels & a pair of abandon shoes !!!!!!!!!!

Then we head over to Conan's place to continue filming !!!!!!!!
This is how we did the time lapse. 
Battery removed before we started, sponsors relax please.
OKAY LA , I have to admit that doing this isn't much eco friendly la. ;´Д`);´Д`);´Д`);´Д`) 

Conan's kitty , Willow(left) and Sprinkle (right).

Apart from learning more about eco related knowledge, I also learned more about using a video camera. Many things Conan showed me when the camera and I was like YOU MEAN THE CAMERA CAN DO THIS MAGIC ? It is a interesting experience and Thank God the rain stopped in the afternoon !

Last but not least,
I would like to thank everyone who help me contribute ideas for this video .
Conan for guidance and helping me so much for this, his house electricity ,
Fenny for her moral support ( if she no attachment she MIGHT have sang in the video for me lo!)
Conan's mum for her ribena drink. ( I appreciate every cup of ribena drink made by anyone cause it's so good)
Panasonic for the loan set- video camera. & Judges for making all this possible!

So this is my #SBA2012 Eco Challenge, I hope you enjoy it! (●⌒∇⌒●)


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