Thursday, May 17, 2012

McDonald's Fresh Fruit Yogurt ft. Hello Kitty Plush Toys !


 What's Birdie Hello kitty hiding ?

Oh , it's the new fresh fruits smoothie with McDonald's !
Came in the right time just for the horribly hot weather .
Yellow Smoothie : Mango Pineapple flavour
Red/Pink Smoothie : Strawberry Banana flavour

The smoothie comes in 12 oz and 16 oz , priced at $3.45 and $3.96 respectively .

I had the mango pineapple smoothie .
The smoothie was thick and the fruity taste was very strong. 
Mango lovers will love it.
Great for a sunny afternoon chill session with my favourite people.

The fresh fruit and yogurt blended smoothies are available at all McDonald's Restaurants !

Did I just make you thirsty ? ^-^


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