Wednesday, May 16, 2012

McDonaldland Hello Kitty Plush Toys !

Still remember all the crazy scenes outside McDonald's 12 years ago ? 
The Hello Kitty Plushies Fantasia. 

It seems like.... they are back !

When I received the invite to attend this event , I was like.
It's not a secret thing that I MAJOR LOVE HELLO KITTY .

Headed to McDonalds' @ Alocassia with Fenny , Joyce & Samantha.

 With Fenny , Samantha & Joyce with the 4 Hello Kitty Plushies

All of us were super excited to meet the Kitty(s). (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆シッポフリフリバイバイ♪
We were also asked to come in a little kitty theme, but you know ,  it was like *phew effortless #proudcells. #cellology
 With Joyce & Hamburglar Hello Kitty and Birdie Hello Kitty
 Joyce, William, Samantha , Fenny & I !
 Hello Kitty Fans with Hello kitty phone covers! 
Extremely left one is mine :] 

 Grimace Hello Kitty & Ronald Hello Kitty ! #noneedforcaptions. 
Obviously I tried to kidnap Birdie Hello Kitty . OOPS>!
Nice people from Mcdees gave us Kitty Specs !
So , everyone wore the specs & .....
 Group picture,
call us the hello kitty bloggers !

 With Samantha !
 With Shimizu , too moe can't take it !


Now this is what that's gonna interest you !
The McDonaldland Hello Kitty plush toy will be launched on the 17 May and each plush toy is available at $3.60 with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal. (entitled to purchase one toy with one EVM) 
The plush toys can also be purchases without the Extra Value Meal at $9 each. 

Hello Kitty Plush Toy Availability 
♡ Hamburglar Hello Kitty ( 17May to 23 May)
♡ Grimace Hello Kitty ( 24 May to 30 May)
♡ Birdie Hello Kitty ( 31 May to 6 June) 
♡ Ronald Hello Kitty ( 7 June to 13 June) 

* whilst stock last k.

I'm sorry , I couldn't help it for the gif.
That's all , folks !


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