Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mayim for DimSum !

I had horrible cravings for xiaolongbao for the past one week before this but I didn't want to have din tai feng because I think that their xiao long bao isn't nice.
Therefore le awesome ST googled and all , & brought me to Mayim @northpoint for brunch! 
Mayim restaurant offers Chinese cuisine and currently have 2 branches in Singapore.

Hairless monster
Dim sum ST ordered !  I just eat only.
For drinks, I had " Sou Mei" tea with wolf berry fruits while ST had "Pu Erh" tea with chrysanthemum.
And of course free hot water refill.

Honestly except for xiao long bao and chao siao bao and egg tarts I don't know what I had.
The dim sum at the bottom left was horrible , it has meat and mushroom in it and it tastes like shit.
The xiaolongbao isn't fantastic as well, I like (Geylang)YongHe's xiaolongbao best.

Durian Egg tarts which is yummy but caused a mess.
I guess it's a must try for all. The bill came up to about $30++ for two.

We went shopping aftermath!
k that's all for now.
Gonna work tml . (p_・q) チラッ ←嘘泣き(?)


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