Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guide to enjoy an off day.

Hi guys !
Just in case you miss me and wonder what I've been busy with....
This have been my fourth week as an intern in a luxury fashion boutique , 6 more weeks to go !
I work from either 10.15 AM -8PM or 11.45AM -9PM and each month I am supposed to have 6 off days.
Quite a bit of my classmates were scattered along the Orchard Road so we do visiting quite a bit :]
On my recent off day, I'm glad I manage to catch up with my friends.

Actually.... this is not a guide. I couldn't find a better tittle. /(。◇。)\ 逆立ち反省〜

K session with Fenny !

No pictures cause we took videos for personal entertainment ( HAHAHAHA) & we were too engrossed singing !
My first visit to KBOX Cineleisure, I think we are going there for future K sessions unless we find a better place.

& Shabu Shabu dinner @ Suki-ya.
 This is how it works, there are 3 soup bases.
We chose kimchi and sukiyaki bases and we gets the yong tau foo look alike ingredients and sauces in the buffet area. 

Meat choices - Chicken , Pork & Beef.
There's the good thing, IT IS FREE FLOW!
In order to keep it fresh, the shabu shabu meat are served upon request.
No beef for me so the rest had to suffer.
Well, at least we all wouldn't go to hell .(人●´ω`●)

I think we ate too much glass noodles we got super full in a while!

(/^ロ^)/\(^ロ^\) 久しぶり♪
Kakis for the day! -- Johnson (behind me), Daryl & Jocelyn

Been a while since we last met up and the last time we took a picture together was 4 years ago.

Daryl & Jocelyn!

Didn't take much pictures because we spent most of the time catching up , gossiping and bitching !
I need more days like this, sit down at some comfy place and all you need is a cup of tea and then start talking.

Ending with a picture of ma sister helping me carry my bag !
He used duffy to tap out of the MRT wtf.


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