Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What is Christmas ?Can Eat?

I don't know.
Sometimes I do quite dislike Christmas, but sometimes I quite like it.
The reason is simple, Christmas a season for sharing but also the time to spend money and #thinkingcells on what to buy for others.
Especially when you don't earn much and you know a ton of humans. Its quite !@#$%^&*
We always like to be loved right? #notmyfault. 

Well, just sharing some of the Christmas related videos I come across recently!

What's Christmas ,Kpop fangirls?
More like Super junior You are the one for the fan girls

for singles?
I came across this group of #foreveralone human singing their anger out for Christmas.
Perhaps you wanna take a look at this.

What about Twlight before Christmas?

Guess we all love Coca Cola's Christmas ads each year right?
The signature red trunks.

Y U NO come to Orchard Road? Scared flood /jam isit?!

The snow globes that we see on tv

And a spoof video !

Well, the Glee cast is always awesome.
Ending with a Christmas song covered by the Glee Cast !

That's all for today .
Merry Xmas in advance !
Hope you like this, just before xmas songs gets irritating. (笑)


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