Thursday, December 22, 2011

EOY As a meido ambassador !

Yahoo !

I'm back from EOY and I had tons of fun.
EOY is an annual cosplay event that happens at q4 of the year.
Check out : if you are interested !

Anyway, I wasn't there to cover the event but I believe my entry would be more interested than the official media.

Why ? Because .... I'm appointed as one of the meido ambassador !
Say Hi to Angie Ringo 笑
The EOY event was held at Republic Polytechnic's Cultural Centre.
Met up with Pearly to head there together !

We had a dressing room to prepare so let's go backstage!
 Took photos first cause we were the fastest to be ready.
Louisa, Pearly and I + Duffy!
 Camwhore a little before briefing and lunch
With Noelle and Pearly


 We happened to appear in the same newspaper article before we met, quite amazing !

Chilling after work !
Totally lovin' the job .
Vincent (our incharge) treat as like princesses ! *dance ballet*

 Took picture with the other mei-do before we go and support their friends at the event concert.

 After a few rounds of performance by various cosplayers, it's time for HITOMI !!!!
 After her performance, she invited all the meido ambassdors and all meido cosplayers on stage.
 Casted a spell on the cake, and double the yumminess !
Blow Candles !

Group shot !


Hitomi & the other meidos
 You know what, I am one of the luckiest few. (笑)
I hugged Hitomi, took pictures with her, & had dinner with her!(special thanks to Vincent)

&kelly !



The EOY Cake, real yummy.
 Cake spelled by 10 meidos +one super moe strong one by Hitomi.
Messed up the dressing room and helped to clean it up !

Hitomi at her meet and greet session .

Minni , Hitomi & I

Thanksgiving time ~

 Thanks ShuHua who helped us safe keep our valubles and all !
 Thanks Vincent for treating us like princesses instead of meidos !

 Thanks Tim for making the event possible!
 Thanks HengLee for helping me snap pictures with us onstage !

Ending this entry with a picture I tried to salvage!


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