Sunday, December 04, 2011

Virgin trip to the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium

Warning: Image heavy
Went to Sentosa on a Friday again !
School ended at 10 that day . #producejealouscells

Still remember the other day I went for the Big Walk @ RWS ?
They gave us complimentary tickets for the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium
Sad to say , the aquarium is only ready by 2012.
I was expecting to see thousands of fishes. 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。エーンエーン
Now, someone please bring me to the underwater world.


With the girls.
Same girls as the other day ! Zixian, Grace & Xin Yi

Activity Book
Free Activity Books were there for grabs.
So I took for the girls and headed in to the exhibition ^^

There were many interactive points around and we totally made use of it.

One of them were the Wayang Kulit Puppet !
Crayons were there for us to color our wayang puppets and bring them home.

I hate dislike crayons so I didn't color .

Put an ice cream stick and tada ! DONE

More pictures about the place.

This is cool shit.
This thing is called the Kamal and it is a navigational instrument for measuring latitude.
Another activity point was with the making of Chinese Junk.

Xinyi & Grace preparing to start.

Angie's Chinese Junk
Done !!!!!!!!!
group picture with our chinese junks

Wayang + Chinese Junk

Woven Shoes

Interactive points for the kids.

 Next we headed on to the TYPHOON THEATRE where we watch the 4D show !
We had about 15 mins before the show starts, so we walked around and  take pictures.

Entering the prelude theatre.

No photography is allowed in the Typhoon Theatre .
So no pictures !

My say about the 4D Show : I LOVED IT.
But not the abrupt ending.
360 degree

The first thing you see when you come out.

And pictures during pee break....

& Continued with shopping-camwhore...
See that???
I don't think that I am intelligent though..

Out from the place, walked around and went to Candylicious !

We saw Little Red Riding Hood but I think she has grown up now.
& She told me she just came back from the market.
We took a picture with her and we went back to MainLand Singapore.


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