Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Korean BBQ with the boys.

 Last Friday WeiJian & ST brought me to Tanjong Pagar Rd to have Korean BBQ.

Even though I had worked along the shop houses for more than a year, I've never tried Korean BBQ before !

We were supposed to have xiao long bao that day but when we called to reserve THEY DIDN'T PICK UP.

Hello. You know the purpose of a phone not? !@#$%^&*(

Anyway,we went to this shop called 2 Days 1 Night to have dinner .
Look at the name list, super popular huh ?

There isn't a need to write down your contact number.
All you need to do is to remember the ref number beside your name.

I also brought WJ to have a look around while waiting .
& also take some pictures of ourselves while waiting for table & ST..

ST reached soon after we got the table.
I guess the good thing about Korean BBQ buffet is that it is super meaty and there is no time limit!
But on the other hand, I hate the fact that it is super warm and very bad ventalition .

ST hard at work !

check out the stranger's face.
 The boys got this Korean beer, Hite.
Not bad, quite nice.

Soon after we ended our meal, we took a long walk.
As while as a pee break.
Happy girl after peeing.
 Continued on with our walk and we ended up in Clarke Quay .
Chill out a little while along the river and cabbed back home.


The Scream

Slacked at McDees for a little while and when boredom stuck?

 Idk why cant rotate my face !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every day should be spend with good nom noms and awesome people.


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