Thursday, December 08, 2011


I ran out of scheduled posts !!!!!
Anyway I just came back from a hearty kwaychap dinner which I refuse to share a picture here.
Nomnom with Weijian , ST & Cherie .
I will not tell you the address cause the business is so good I had nothing to eat when I crave for kwaychap at 3am. (uncle close at 4am)

Just finished the most important thing in this whole year and phew, relax much .
Caught Already Famous the movie this evening & went to eternity sales! ( sharing in the next post)

To be honest, I have not finished blogging about some of the meaningful stuff from Sept, Oct and Nov.

Okay, I shall go do some school work now and catch some sleep.
Weather in Singapore is getter cooler.
Stay warm for friends over at the other side of the world & SG-ians, beware of floods.


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