Monday, October 24, 2011

Review : Benico 3D Sheet Mask - Aloe Cold Mask

Meows !

Recently (actually quite long liao) Eternity Inter-trade send me 2 of Benico's new masks.

My first time hearing about Benico so there's a little information about this mask sheets.

They are formulated with different skin-friendly natural extracts each with different skin care properties. The one I'm reviewing has Aloe Vera as its key ingredient.

The mask sheets are 100% pulp fabric and tailored with specialised 3D cutting to enable the mask to contour the face resulting in fimer, clearer skin.

They are also designed to be used hot or cold depending on the key ingredients.
For example the cold masks :Blugarian Rose, Tea Tree and Aloe
Hot masks : marine collagen , rice, royal jelly .

The Benico 3D Sheet Masks also contains :
- Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinare ; to prevent acne and outbreaks
- Vitamin E & Collagen ; for smoother, supple skin
- Hamamelis Extract ; tightening pores and skin.

Courtesy of Eternity Inter-trade for above information.

How to use the cold mask ?

For me , what I did was to put the cold mask into the fridge before I go and bathe.
Supposed to put it in the freezer but there's no space in mine..
Go for a shower, cleanse the face and ready for mask !
Dry skin , fatigue face.

My face is too small for masks again !

To be honest, I don't think you can see any difference in the pictures but I could feel that my skin is more elastic than before.
This might be due to the fact that I place it in the fridge inside of the freezer.

I love the fact that it is face hugging even though my face is a little small for the mask.
The cold mask not only helped me to revitalise my skin , it also helped me to relax myself for the busy week.

If you were to ask me if I will replenish it, I will.
That 15 mins was so comfortable !

Benico 3D Sheet Masks are available at Watsons outlets islandwide :)
Do add Eternity's facebook page for the lastest update

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