Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last Friday, my blogger friends and I met up at Nex for a food tasting event organised by Fish & Co.
Do you know ? Fish & Co not only serves fish & seafood.
They have recently included some chicken dishes in their menu.
Ben & I
We were introduced the Students' Menu as well as the Happy Lunching menu which we tried 4 dishes from the Students' Menu and 2 from the Happy Lunching menu.
The Happy Lunching Set Meals starts from $9.95 onwards.
And the hours have been extended to 5 pm !
While the students' meal are priced at $6.95 NETT.

Each student will also be given a Student Loyalty card like this.
What happens is , you collect 6 stamps ( means you go and eat 6 times) and will receive a free meal of your choice on your 7th visit!

Read the T&Cs :D

Each Student Set Meal comes with a complimentary drink.
Choices include : Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea, Coke , Sprite , Kola Tonic, Passion fruit.

Of course being the most awesome us, we had Kola Tonic & Passion fruit !
The other drinks are boring.
Cola Syrup + Tonic Water.

Passion fruit Soda.

Fish & Co tuned HALAL! (Y)
A large portion of Home made coleslaw when you order from the Happy Lunching Meal.
If you don't eat coleslaw at all, fret not.
You can top up $1 for soup of the day !
Soup of THAT day was cream of mushroom !
Made of ONLY Mushrooms, the soup was VERY thick and chunky .
I likey .

From the students' meal we have.

"hotdog" in fried fish version

Next up , we also tried Seafood Platter for one & Grilled Chicken with Peri-Peri Sauce from the Happy Lunching Menu !
Personal favourite ! ♡♡♡♡

The chicken is a little tough, but the peri peri sauce is rather appetising

After finishing up the main courses, we were also served mock tails of our choices !

Very rich mango taste yet gassy at the same time

Sweet cranberry taste, ideal for sweet little girls :)

Ruiting's . Thick Strawberry taste !

Sugar at the side.

Ice Blended. Overwhelming taste of limes.
Ending up with this spastic picture of Benvoda & I having fun at Fish& Co !

 This Student Meal Promotion is only available in 3 Branches .
NEX Mall, Clementi Mall and Jurong Point.

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