Sunday, October 23, 2011

Red Mango

Cravings are the most horrible things !!!!

Had my first try of Red Mango probably one month ago at Esther's SMRT Makan Session.
And now, I am missing it, craving for it and wanting it in my house.

Red Mango at Esplanade Exchange
Red Mango currently have 5 branches.
The one I visited and I deem the most convenient is the one at Esplanade Exchange.

Now officially my favourite yogurt store after Yami Yogurt.
I'm never a fan of yogurts because I am lactose intolerant.
The milky smell just make me goes OH-PUKES.

Therefore, I prefer yogurt which don't really taste like yogurt.
Irony much ?
Yogurts at Red Mango STILL taste like yogurt but the "yogurt" taste is not as strong as other fro yo stores (Eg. Frolicks)
Fresh toppings.

I can't remember the name of this and the price.
It consists of fresh mango , oats, and nuts !
We had the privilege to choose original, pomegranate or both .
Being typical Singaporeans, of course we opted for both original and pomegranate !

Shared with Ruiting because we were too full with the food we had before this !
I know, the curses are coming so....


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