Monday, October 03, 2011

Halloween Special !


Disclaimer : This is a self-obsessed entry

There isn't any Halloween event for me this year, kinda miss Halloween at Sentosa last year.
But I did Halloween Special nails !

I thought I had was cool nails until my friends commented that my nails look freaky and looked like decomposed Easter day eggs.

Erm , so okay lor.
Make it Halloween nails.
I kinda like it more than any of my shatter nails ( if you follow me on twitter you will know)
It makes me look more like a cool bitch .
Like more gothic look rather than my forever-stuck-in-sweet-loli look .

So what you need to do is to choose 3 of your favourite bright colored nail polish .
And prepare for manicure ! :D

Here's what I used for this set of nails !

1 . OPI ,nail base coat. ( i broke it while doing this , now my heart shatter like my nails)
2. OPI  ,NL B94 Fiercely fiona
4. THEFACESHOP , Purple glitter
5. OPI, NL E53Black Shatter
6. THEFACESHOP , Top coat

Really simple set of nails.
Sorry no pictures !
Step 1 : Apply Base cost.
Step 2 : Randomly apply the 3 bright colors on your nails.
Step 3 : Wait for it to dry , apply the shatter nail polish !
Step 4 : Apply Top Coat after it drys !

Tip for you .
I open my freezer, put my hand in and stay there for 30 second.
Reason : So that my nails can dry faster .

Hope you enjoyed this !

The below is my camwhore photos self portraits.

P/S: I'm too lazy to photoshop.
P/P/S : No makeup on cause the time now is 2.16 AM and I'm gonna hit the sack in 15mins time. ^^
Have a good nightmare (⌒ー⌒)ノ~~~


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