Saturday, October 01, 2011

Forex Trading!

About estimated 72 hours ago , I met up with fellow blogger friends to learn on Forex Tading.
I always came across Forex Trading when I am looking for part time jobs and IT ALWAYS POP UP TELLING ME THAT FOREXTRADING CAN MAKE ME EARN ALOT AND STUFF LIKE THAT.

At that time , what I knew about Forex Trading is to take out money and put it in the stock market.
Either you win or you lose.

This session arranged by Nuffnang did make me learn alot.

Our notes !
Been ages since I last sat in a classroom for classes.
All of us prepared with laptops !

A picture of myself after lessons !
I was the only one paying attention.
The rest was on facebook and chatting.

Terrance & I

Row of friends ! Valentine, Ruiting, Shuqing, William

What we are supposed to do is to download a software ( which I did) and trade !
Sound pretty much interesting and fun but I'm yet to start!
I'm lagging by a week due to school .
Hopefully I'm starting it after my supper and earn some fake moolah ! ^^


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