Friday, September 30, 2011

Curry Rice @ COCO Ichibanya !

Last tuesday Calvin called us all for a nom nom session at the newly opened COCO Ichibanya Curry House @ 313 Somerest.
I was so excited cause
1) I love Japanese Curry Rice .
2) It's Japan's  KING OF CURRY.
3) It's customisable !
4) I am one of the first few Singaporean to taste it.
5) It have been raved all around the world !

Peeps of the menu 
Basically there is 3 types of curry. 
The original , mild, & hashed beef.
Both original & Hashed  beef curry are beef based.
Only mild is not ! ( Wa heng ah)
 If you opt for the original curry , you get to choose the level of spiciness you want.
Level 1 bring the most mild , Level 5 being the spicininess . Look at the chilis !!!!
 The best part of this curry house is that you can customise your curry ! ( ^o^)( ^−^)(^〜^) モグモグ♪
You want more toppings, you pay more for it.
& one unique point is that you get to choose the amount of rice you want !
The standard will be 250 g , if you do not want so much you can get it changed to 150g and then pay less !
If you want more rice, then you pay more.
Rice amount can be increased up to 550g !

Totally spoilt for choices !

 & my favourite part ?
Choice of 2 items - drink + a salad
Choice of 3 items - Drink +Salad + Icecream

 A little camwhore session with my love ones while waiting for the food to come !

 That's fenny & benvoda on my side.
Look forward you see the 3 guys taking pictures but different subjects.
 Oh our food is here !!!!! (・〜・)゛ モグモグ
Curry Rice Set Meal - Hashed Beef Curry with Mushrooms , Ice Lemon Tea , Salad , Dessert

Chicken Cutlet Curry with extra Cheese !

Because I can't take beef or anything with beef, I had the chicken cutlet curry rice all by myself.
What actually surprise me was that the sauce did not "dry" up and the cutlet was not sloggy.
Satisfied Level : 3.5 /5

Trust me, curry rice must go with cheese.
Pork Cutlet Curry

Creamed Mushroom Omelet Curry

Fried Chicken Curry with Vegetable

 This is the only picture of a happy me and my curry rice and my hair covered 1/3 of my face.
I wanna go back and try out all the other choices !

Do like their facebook page :

Group Picture taken by our PR lady!



COCO Ichibanya is located at  313@Somerset, Basement 3 Unit Number 25/26/27
Operatin hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 10am-11pm

Contact Number
+65 6636 7280

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