Thursday, September 08, 2011

Movie Review : Love in Space 《全球热恋》

Hello !

Thanks to, I manage to see angelababy yesterday !!!!!!!!!
I got @leongraphy to go with me!
Okay kidding. I didn't see her in real but I HAVE WATCHED THE MOVIE SHE ACTED IN .

 Love in Space 《全球热恋》

来来来, Watch trailer first.

The story revolved around how 4 ladies in a family , the mother and the 3 daughters - Rose (Rene Liu ), Lily (Gwu Lun Mei) , Peony (Angelababy) , find their "right one".
Genre : Romance + Comedy

Eldest daughter Rose is an astronaut, spends her time in the outer space. In the movie, she had to work with her ex-beau , Micheal ( Aaron Kwok) and spend time together in the spacecraft. They started out with a love-hate relationship at work. Whether if their relationship work out in the end, you have to watch it yourself. #marketingtactic.

Second daughter Lily is a clean freak. She had a traumatic  breakup with her ex that cause her to be diagnosed with claustrophobia. Then she met Johnny ( Eason) who is a garbage collector.

Youngest Peony is an actress who disguised herself as a commoner to work in a cafe to aid her in the prepartion work of her next film. She met Wen Fang( Jing Boren)  and never thought that anything could make any difference within the time frame .

Although I did found a few flaws, the sequence of the storyline was well planned.
A few things that I like about the movie.
- Easy to understand
- Content was good and simple.
- Message of the movie was conveyed to the audience.
It was quite funny that I keep laughing lor !

I feel that it is a movie that is suitable for all to watch , especially loving couples or couples who have their honeymoon period over.
From the movie, I do feel that love is blind, unpredictable and everywhere !
Great movie for after work or after school sessions.

Rating : 3.5/5
I love you all , to whoever is reading this !


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