Wednesday, September 07, 2011

5 things why you should learn Chinese.

I know I haven't been blogging regularly and have been getting lectures from friends that I should blog more often.
This entry was inspired while on my way home today .

Warning: Very wordy post.

My chinese is the best among all my other subjects ( actually also not very good) and I often communicate in mandarin.
I'm so glad that I have non-chinese friends that can speak fairly well mandarin .
I always ask my non-chinese friends to learn Chinese and they always ask me why .
 And they will tell me this, " It's okay , I'm not a Chinese ! "
But you know what, Chinese is an essential in Singapore now.
Apart from the market opening in China, I realised that we are also facing these few things.

1. Out of 10 people in the street, you will find at least 3 are Chinese. Talking loudly and might be bitching about you. Oh no. Not just Chinatown , I'm talking about island-wide.When you are in a crowded train, see a senior citizen/injured person/pregnant woman and wants to help get the person a seat ON THE RESERVEDSEAT. If the person happens to be a Chinese, SPEAK TO THE PERSON IN CHINESE. Just in case the person start cursing and swearing at you in CHINESE.

2. More than half of our SBS bus drivers who drift can't understand English. If you wanna ask for directions from the bus driver, make sure you can convey the message in Chinese. Best if you can mention the road address in Chinese. Oh yes, maybe that's the reason we are paying higher bus fares.

3. When you step into a family-based restaurant/eatery, don't be surprised that they are not locals. Do note that you need to know how to order what you want to eat in Chinese. Be very grateful if the menu have ALL the pictures of the food offered. Even if you manage to order your food in English. You still have to know what it is called in Chinese. Reason? Order might be repeated in Chinese.

4.When you go shopping, don't be shocked. Sometimes I do ask myself, why are things so expensive and of cheap quality (especially my sleepyhead days). I thought I was dreaming because sometimes it reminded me of my China immersion trip & some other overseas trips.  Don't ask yourself why things are still so expensive. Always remember that you are STILL in Singapore.

5. Ah huh, this one is important to me, thank goodness my religion helped me a lot in my Chinese foundation. If you are intending to work in the service line, it is even more important. That's when hearing skills comes in. Being able to understand what your customers is saying is important. If not you will end up like this. Misunderstandings and customers making a big fuss. (click)

Fret not if you need time to find a tutor for Chinese or in midst of learning.
Because we always have sign language.
Peace everybody peace.

That's all folks !


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