Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mid Autumn With Walter! Adventures Of A Curious Colossal Bunny!

So last x2 weekend was the Mooncake Mid- Autumn Festival !
(Kinda annoyed by people say mooncake festival instead of mid-autumn including my lecturers) #丢脸
Still remember I asked for some humans/ bunnies ? HERE.

I was so happy when I receieve an email from Juliana (URA) to join the Adventures with Walter!
Forever happy to receive her emails.
Because it's always fun at my favourite places !

Anyway , Walter is this big white bunny on the first picture.
More info about walter :
I kissed Walter !

Conan & I!
Caught a girl holding a walter balloon taking picture with Walter at the back.

It was held at Marina Bay City Gallery which basically shows you more about the infrasture of Singapore.
A rather small place, just 5minutes away from MBS.
We went indoors for toilet breaks and to explore.

Walter X Rainforest


A mini exhibition about what WALTER is all about .

View from level 2!

The balloon auntie .
We went around to slack and explore my camera 
& Soon the Taiji by the aunties and uncles start.
We were there like super early , we reached around 4 plus ?

Taiji Show

I wanted to fit in to the theme, so I did this,

Christina & I !

Christina's Walter-inspired nails.
Oh ! There was live demostration of the Chinese Calligraphy .

A random self portait with bad lighting.
As the sun rays go down , the organisers took out the lanterns and distrbuted them !
We stayed close with the other bloggers and had fun together.
Mid-Autumn fest is all about having fun together !


#superexcitedkid, #trytogrowupfail

Look , the residents from the Tanjong Pagar GRC!
Add caption
Christina & her hubby did the most creative thing ever !

Got my lantern lighted up ! :D
The wind was too strong, it blew off my fire.
We continued to walk , enjoy the breeze .

Then this little indian boy look at me , like a fairy.
I gave him my lantern and asked for a picture.

Watched the laser show (is it called laser show?)
& Continue to camwhore.

Mooncake time !

Mooncake from Fullerton hotel .

Do you think that the "f" looks like the symbol from facebook?

Shared one mooncake with the blogger clan !

Random kid who played with us .
Was kinda like very hungry after mooncake , so Conan & I headed off for dinner !
That's all !

For more info about Marina Bay City Gallery :
Do check out the site because they always have activities lined up for all ages !

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