Sunday, September 25, 2011

Get your sexy back !

Last Tuesday , I went to Asia Pacific Breweries for the #GYBS Event.
Thanks Calvin for the invite !

Have been hearing much about this campaign but never did I get in touch with it .
Now that I do, I will mass share with everyone.
The main objective of this campaign is to urge youth like you and me to drink responsibly .
Do check out their fb page :

& the reason behind is that the number of binged drinking among teenagers have increased tremendously .
Really, why do people wanna binge drink????
As part of the campaign , 20 life-sized drunken posed posters have been placed around Singapore. 
With an unique QR Code on each poster, we can all share the negative impacts of binge drinking.
I have a QR Code for my bloggie at the left too ^^

Sorry no pictures for that because I can't download the pictures from my email :{

There's the trip to the Tiger Tarven !
 I was kinda excited, I never knew that Tiger Beer is a Singapore brew.

Bloggers around ! Picture by Justin Ng

We had a short briefing and introduction about the contests coming up !

At this point of time , the hosts were telling us about the contest that ANYONE can join !

Here's the deal.
Just go to to submit your stories !

After all the formal talking, it's makan time !
We get to mingle around, enjoy fresh beer ( which I only managed to get a few sips)  & nom dinner.
Buffet style dinner !
YAY to food !

Food +blogger = take pictures !

Fenny , me & HP
Photo credit : William

Yingzi, Fenny , me & Yongwei
Picture by Conan

Picture by Conan

Picture by Conan
Then we take pictures in the toilet ^^

& Christina

& Jessie

& Shuqing

& the bravest girl , Ruiting

&Leon , fenny

& Conan Leon Fenny

Random picture at the bar counter.

Cheers before we head off ! ( See, I holding coke sia) #goodgirldontdrink

& William

& Yongwei

& Ying Zi

& Shaun


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