Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 more days to 2 september

2 more days and it will be my 18th birthday.
I never thought that I will yearn for this day one day ago.
(Someone screwed my 17th last year so I kinda dislike birthday celebrations)
Until... I start being rather active with blogging activities .

Being 18 means a whole new meaning nao !
1) It means that I am freaking old and I cannot grow too much now #forever18
2) I will not curse all PR companies for sending me invites for launch parties in clubs anymore.
3) It makes me more proud when all the annoying credit card promoters believe that I am still in secondary school.
4) I can then apply jobs at places like etude house there they die also want their staff to be legally 18 .
5) It means that it will be much easier to deal with annoying singtel customer service agents .
6) It will mean that it will be easier to apply for things .
7) I will then do not have to fear of being underage when I join contests.
8) It will mean that I am older now I have to grow up faster.
9) I cannot do crazy stuff in public anymore. Eg Behave like a retard.
10) I have to improve my wardrobe.
Okay, I cannot really of anymore things now.
Being 18 would mean that I can do a lot of things but still all of them remain inedible.
OMG I am so looking forward to have 365 happy 18 year old days !

But I still have to do free labour on my birthday!
Burrrrrrr .

Ohshit, being 18 also means that I will be 19 is 367 days .

Thanks for reading !


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