Saturday, July 09, 2011

Social media day !

THIS IS SO ME ! #punintended

Ohmy, I think I took nearly a month to get this done up !
So sorry , have been really really busy recently that I hardly had time to sleep 10 hours a day .

I know I looked quite disastrous in the pictures.
Didn't have much time to sleep and had to wake up early to run errands that day .

I was one of the SOME Ambassadors.
HAHAH I'm one of the game masters stationed at level 5 gallery !

I took quite a number of picture using the HTC Desire S too .
But I am erm.. lazy to upload it now.
Will share if I have the time ya ? #pinkypromise

& fenny .

We were stationed at the fifth level so basically we don't really know what exactly happened downstairs .
But I know the activities downstairs were all fun packed ! #ilovesingapore.

Yummy cookies were given out too .
Together with the goodie bag.

Some of the facts the committee prepared to share with the public !

Do you know Do you know ?

This is me posting with my game station rules !

Fenny stationed at her booth and that's william by the way .
Attempting her 'game' .
I tried and it was quite tough.

Fenny's station .
She will give/let us choose the story or something .
And what we are supposed to do is to summarise the whole paragraph into 140 and send it to twitter !
Oh, if you have not follow me on twitter , DO FOLLOW ME !!! @yourapplepie


Caught Ethan skiving ~

With Darren who is my senpai !!! #cbssftw

&twinny fenny who did my registration for the event.

My sercet admirer Mr Goh AH Pui.

Kind jeremy who lent me this sanyo USB Charger.
Sanyo eneloopy i love you too ~

With the supergirl.

Calvintimo, Food blogger that take cares of our tummy that day ,I think

& Conan & Leon !
Official photographers of the day .
Er must make good friends with them so that they will take chio pictures of me.

Do not under estimate the power of social media.
Through social media, I found my long lost cousins. #greatestachievementever.
& Because of social media , I met all this nice people and helped me in a way or another.

I really enjoyed myself ,made new friends , gain more knowledge about the social networking sites like facebook and twitter.
Did my part for charity.
& I hope that NYP can gimme some CCA Points.


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