Monday, July 11, 2011

Gastromania feast !

Hey Peeps !
Last saturday , I attended a food feast hosted by
And our main objective was to eat , eat and eat at Far East Square!

This is my second time 'visiting' the Far East Square.
The first time I went there was 2years ago ?
I sort of walked by , erm got lost after a job interview at Tanjong Pagar.

Never I knew that the place was filled with culture and of course yummilicious food.
I am a little diligent this time , I tried to squeeze as many pictures into one as I can .
I tried to edit it as good as Yutakis, but I think I failed terribly. #FML
Because there were too many pictures that I want to share but the site will take forever to load if I upload everything.

Doing our prayers before eating.
We are angels, definitely .

First stop , Zhou Kitchen .

At Zhou kitchen , where we were served pork shank with fried/steam buns ,
周庄元蹄 $24.
If you happened to go there for lunch/dinner, opt for their herbal tea instead of Chinese tea.
They serve really nice herbal tea!
The pork shank was so tender, it feels like chicken!

2nd stop was at Spring Ju Chun Yuan .

A restaurant with rich history and currently serving good food at the former Chun Eng Free School.
The whole place was so chinese-themed with a modern twist.
By the way that’s RuiTing, Jessie, HP , Me and William in the picture.
We got crazy and a little high after the picture, or is it before?

The best of the best of the day !
The anticipated moment …

My very first experience with 佛跳墙。
You know what? I think I can die with no regrets now.
I know that it was cooked for 4 days, double boiled and erm making it very thick and yummy.
Expensive food is always yums.
JuChunYuan was so precised that they actually import the china ware from China.
The manager, Richard told us that the Chinaware was made specially for the dish.

I did not manage to snap the full portion of the bee hoon because I was busy enjoying my mini 佛跳墙.
( I scared they clear my bowl away cause I left the abalone and shark fin last to eat)
For me , I kinda like a love hate relationship with beehoon.

The Chef made it so nice I have no reason to why I shouldn’t finish it.
But I always have trouble with beehoon.
It chokes me.
Bee hoon super fine, and it is handmade.
It comes with a special sauce at the side which tastes like a lighter version of Japanese dressing.
Which is ( if I am not wrong) soya base. #eatlikeafoodexpert

I prefer it with the sauce cause it is not so dry and then cause a lower possibility to get choked by beehoon.

Apparently the pricing for the other dishes (excluding
佛跳墙.) is quite reasonable and affordable.

No reason why you should be dieting when you dine at the JuChunYuan.;

On top of that ,we were also served the flower tea, consisting of Lavender, rose and chrysanthemum to ‘cleanse’ our mouth and intestines and help to distress your inner body . #innerpeace.

*cue kunfu panda trailer*

This is life.

At the third stop , we visited Garuda padang cuisine which we tried the Fried chicken with blue ginger floss.

Lime soda and i.
Ya I like to act cute.
I thought it was just lime juice but jiangjiang
I WAS WRONG #dramatic.
It's soda !!!! A very light refreshing lime soda.

Fried chicken with blue ginger floss.
Nice fragnant , and the chicken drumstick I had was tender!
However, it is a little salty and oily for my CCB tummy to take in .

When we heard that we were shin kushiya next , we went from *listen patiently* to *open eyes bigbig + breathe very loud*.

The 2 little jars contain flavoured salt to go with the kushiyaka ! (curry and sour plum)

Yuzu cooler to start with , while the shifu is in the kitchen.
If I am not wrong, yuzu is pomelo ,

Well, I know they are Vitamins and good for me.

We were served with delicious food to our tables!

Can you see the 1 2 3 4.
I can't see the 4 but anyways
From right to left is
(1)tomato Maki.
(2)Ebi Shiso Maki
(3)Buta Bara Yaki Miso
(4)Black pepper yakitori

I like the Tomato maki and ebi shiso maki !

Let’s talk a bit more about the Ebi Shiso Maki.
Wrapped with a thinly sliced pork and a piece of shiso leave , the overall salt level is balanced out!

I’m sure non prawn lovers will like this too.

We also had Sesame icecreammmmmmmmmm.
So yummy I finished everything in one minute!
That's a mini version by the way.

Then we walked 2 shops down and arrived at the cozy Mont Calzone !

So much food to digest !

If you are a truly asian, try the Sambal Marinara pasta !

After having so many different cuisines , how can we miss out Indian food?

Taste india with Mirchi!

Never expected a day that I will step into a indian food resturant to eat.

We had a mini tandoori platter, I’m lovin’ the prawns and the chicken.
The chicky was spicy enough to make you continue eating .
The prawns which were not spicy had the overwhelming taste of the spices.
Me likey, I think spices are good for health. #thinktoomuch.
The fish was mehhhhh to me , the lamb I cannot eat.
The lassitude , a mago based yoghurt drink is very very sweet.
Strong taste of milk and mango mixed together.
I don't really like it , too sweet for me.

7th stop was at the famous Hock Lam Beef.
Featuring the mixed beef kway teow with soup that have been interviewed by various media .

I told my music teacher that I went to Hock Lam Beef yesterday and she went like "OMG thats like the nicest in SG"
Something like that.
We were told that everything except the kwayteow is home made.
Even their kway teow is their secret recipe.

And No, Hocklam is not the name of the first generation boss.
Hocklam beef is in the hands of the 4th generation already !
Please try it if you have not, beef lovers.

Of course we ended the trail with something sweet.
I think they want us to write sweet things about the food trail .

The one I was holding on is a Dark chocolate mini cupcake, by ONI Cupcakes.

Already I am tired and hungry already.

Did I just make you feel hungry ?
You can curse me in one minute time.

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  1. ugh so much yummy lookin food makes me hungry especially when there is no food at my house T^T lol

  2. Shin Kushiya6:06 PM

    Glad that you enjoyed our Ebi Shiso Maki! It's a favourite among our customers too.


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