Saturday, July 09, 2011


My hype for HTC is not over yet!!!
I've just returned my HTC desire S today .
Missing it already .....
Miss how easy it was to connect to the social network sites.

Anyway, just to share and pull votes.
As the tittle suggest, HTC quietly came up with a brilliant event !
If you have been watching TV, you could have spotted the CM on it .
Featuring artists like Jay Park , Derrick Hoh , Jayesslee , Plain white T' and more I believe.
Ticket prices varies depending on which want.

Fenny wanted to see Jay Park so badly she ask me if there is anything I can do to get the tickets.
So I blindly thought that if I join the contest, I will get a pair of tickets if we win in the category we join .

Turns out that I will win things like this .

Nonetheless , we joined the BEST LOOK-A-LIKE ~

This is our entry picture,so do vote for us too !

You can also join another category like ...
If you think you stylish , join the MOST STYLISH
HTC jingle composer... Ideal checkin ...
Also there are simple games that allow you to win some goodies !

So do check it out here for more information !
And remember to VOTE FOR US K ?
Join the HTC facebook page to receive more updates.


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