Thursday, July 14, 2011

First time visit to the AKB Cafe !

AKB 48 fans ! Look here !
Have you visited the AKB cafe located at *scape ?

Before the shine youth festival opening, I met up with Mirai and HP to check out the cafe !

Kakis for the day : Mirai & HP !

No photo taking of the staff and surroundings were allowed !
And we respected the rules . :]
Hong Peng also brought down (yes down from the lumix booth) Lumix G3 to play !
Hugging G3 and teaching Mirai how to use my HTC Desire S.(at that time)

I super love this picture !
Over exposed but love the brightness.

Team k float !
Mirai and her float.
We also ordered the AKB ice cream set to share
Red: Strawberry
Green: Macha
Blue: Ocean( unique flavor)
Errrr, no salty ocean taste.
It taste like fruity pebbles, you know?
The colorful cereal.
I quite like it .
Fooling around with oranges !
#unglam101 but can't deny that I look quite kawaii too right ? #shameless

Look ! Joey, Peishi and Shuqing !
Fan girl-ing !
Why no fan service ???

And ending off with group pictures!
Mirai claims that she looks fat so she force me to switch seats.
I love how cosy that place is , I'm sure I'm going back for their lunch/dinner menu ! (笑)



  1. Hahaha!! You blogged the same thing as konomi at around the same time!! You two make me wanna go there too XD!!

  2. HAHAHAHA Actually I went first, but no time to blog ah !!!

  3. hahaha you cuties ^u^


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