Saturday, May 14, 2011

Have a break & I want a Yer Big Break this week !

Yahooooo ! .
Hi peeps !
You know what?
I am having my one week school break nao.
Yes now , like niao .
How can I not be happier.

And everytime we talk about having break the first time that comes to mind will be kitkat .
Correct not !!!
Forever is kit kat one .
Man 1 : I need a break.
Man 2 : Go buy kitkat and eat lo .

I bought 7 bars of kit kat , just nice one per day .

Last week was a hectic week for me .
ICA (test) and many many other things happened that makes me pull hair !
Argh, thinking of it makes me temperature increases.

Well,I believe in work hard, play MUCH harder.
Since I worked hard , I deserve something I want .
The break came at a right time .
Actually got breaks anytime is a right time .
Whatevery it is , I am going to share with you how I want to spend my week.

Actually my ideal dream break is to travel to different countries but aku very poor so it will not happen.
Aiya its always the money problem.
So my next ideal dream break is to be able to sleep at least 22 hours a day!
However it will not happen because
1) I am not sleeping beauty.
2) Too many things I've not done yet!
3) I might die for sleeping too much.

Therefore I had a good plan.
I have decided to cut down the hours of sleeping time from 22 to 12.
Meaning I will sleep half the day then continue to try out new things with the remaining 12 hours.
That's a cut down of ten hours by the way.
And since kit kat is having a contest for people who like to draw , why don't I give it a try !

I've never participate in something like this , so why not?

Taking a break doesn't mean I mean sleep ,rot and then die do whatever that makes you happy
=) .
I can do things that are new to me and is meaningful.
For example,I've made orange sorbet yesterday.
And got so hyped up over it . #self-obessed.

Let me just share with you my plans for the week .

On monday , I still have to go back to school for project meeting and maybe a chillax session with my new classmates/ groupmates !

Tuesday is a public holiday !
It's Vesak day .
Most probably I will be going to the temple , pray and get blessed !
I will tell the budda to bless me with GPA 4.0 as well as an overseas holiday trip in my next semester holidays !

On wednesday , I will put on my thinking cap and get my creativity cells working.
I will try my best to come out with a piece of artwork to compete with the pros in the Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break! Contest for Illustrators, designers and artists!

If I win right, means my design will be on the bus lei !
My art piece will be famous.
Join and compete with me also okay ?
Competition is healthy yo ~
one of the examples I've received.

More details about the contest , read (here) <-click !

This thursday I will make my bestfriend (Anderson's) dream come true .
I will be going over to Boon Lay to have lunch with him and have a catch up session !
I nice friend hor ?

Friday will be the day where I will indulge in my comfort zone and work on /study on my music whole day long!

On Saturday I shall mess with my hair and perhaps do a simple hair tutorial .
Might be meeting up with other bloggers for makan session too !

Sunday will be my official nua-ing day .
You know what is the meaning of nua ?
It means something like do nothing and just behave like a lazy pig .

I know you are envious of my one week break and might be cursing me now.
But it is okay .
Tired? Need a break ?


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