Monday, May 16, 2011

We went sticky Central !

Hello everybody !
Last night was a horror , I did my work till 5am .
YES 5 AM !!!
Even with the help of Anderson and Kenneth D:

Anyway, we were covering Sticky Singapore for our Customer Service Project.
So we head back to Sticky Central .

Wanlin and I .

Then we made the boys join in !

I never knew that there was a loyalty card for sticky fans and that it allows discounts and gifts (like the cap and the lanyard) when you hit a certain amount of money spent. It is accumulative!

Tell you all something you all don't know
Their staff have an unique position called the lolli-girls for the girls working there and lolli-boys are the boys !
Cool or what

My groupmates and one of the "lolligirl" , Daphne

Not bad looking TP students ordering stickys.

That's all !



  1. wow 5am =__=" and candy looks yummy ^u^

  2. It is very popular in SG haha! :D


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