Thursday, May 12, 2011

Singapore Art Festival 2011 : When A Gray Taiwanese Cow Stretched.

Last wednesday , Yongwei brought me to the preview of Singapore Art Festivial 2011 which was at the Esplanade Park. (in the middle of Esplanade and Padang )

The hot weather was such a turn off !

We didn’t even explore the place thoroughly .

The whole place is pretty interesting and there were different booths around.

Saw quite a few silimar faces around too .

View from walking from esplanade.

the Festival Village Map.
no way to get lost .

Best invention ever.

Thanks to the humidity , I will be going back to have fun in the Festival Village and kids arts village another day . (笑)

The ‘satay-fan’ was such a savior .

Satay with Yongwei's hands

Satay on the floor.

We were served with some quick bites and drinks.

Now I know why Fiji water is expensive! Totally love it now.

I love Fiji water !

Walking up to the Mainstage

Getting seated, it was drizzling .

Me & my phailed makeup

Watching the play with the city lights as backdrop !

Then we went to the Main Stage in the Festival Village to catch the award winning stage play , “When a gray Taiwanese cow stretched.”
We had to walk up the bridge to get our seats.

The show was actually timed to catch the transition of the sky colors and it is the first time outside Japan .

Means I am one of the first few audience to catch it right ???????

It was a pity that I couldn’t understand Japanese but there were English subtitles for some parts of the show. It was only after the show ended then I realized that there are actually program booklets. -.- So if you are going to catch the show , do remember to take the booklet before heading in !

That's all folks !
Nights all .
Off to skype-ing with bestf and study for test :D


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