Friday, May 27, 2011

Need some Inner Peace ?

Last wednesday evening , I caught Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D with the other bloggers !
I had a pair of tickets and bought Himeko along ( she was texting me when I received the tickets)

I remember the last time I watched Kung Fu Panda (the first one ,like duh ) was in my chemistry class or something . I remember it being played on my classroom projector and we were supposed to understand the morale of the story .
" The secret is that there is no secret "

Just in case you stay in the mountains and don't know what is Kung Fu panda .
Here's the trailer !
Staring Jack Black and Angelina Jolie
KFP2 is the continuation of the first one , where the panda, Po is now the dragon warrior and happily protecting the Valley of Peace together with his friends and his shifu. This time round, Po found out that he was adopted ( like obviously) and fought against the peacock , Shen to save Kungfu. Shen is a greedy peacock who wanted to rule China and simply hideous.

The story started with Shan the greedy peacock commending his ugly wolves to hunt for more metal for him to build his weapon. The furious five then help the villagers to protect their lives and remain unharmed. One of the wolf that was fighting with Po had this red 'radish' sign/logo which stirred up some memories when Po was a baby panda.

This made Po wondered who is he really is and got caught in an awkward situation. He wanted to save the future of Kung Fu , he also want to know the truth of himself . Upon his journey to clear his doubts, a fortune teller told him everything. Po then overcome himself and fight together with his friends !

I feel that this is a very suitable movie for family to watch together as the morale values they convey through the movie are inspiring and very motivative. The story was easy to catch and the animation was great. One of the key messages that the movie is to remain focus in whatever you are doing. Another one in my opinion would be that you are who you are, it's okay to have a bad past. Just work hard on the present and the future.

Well , evil characters always die in the end and the good always live.
Can't wait for Kung Fu Panda 3.
My prediction : I think that in the next sequel , Po will reunited with his panda parents and then fight against some evil animals again. Or maybe Po will retire and then stay with his parents, teach the little pandas that is staying in the village some kung fu .

Rate it : 4/5



  1. lol its good when movies have good morals for kids to learn ^u^

  2. Yups ! But its not good to have kids making extra sound effects during a movie hhaha :]


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