Thursday, April 21, 2011


ドモ \(^_^ ) ( ^_^)/ ドモ
I'm Angie RINGO blogging here.
(angie transform into ringo for cosplay events wtf)

Just in case you are wondering , what is SOYC .
Let me explain.
Basically , SOYc is a cosplay event in Singapore
According to my understand (correct me if I'm wrong)
It means .

And the cosplayers continued it with
2011- SOYC
So I strongly believe that in 2012 , the event will be SOYD

Held in Ngee Ann Polytechnic this year.

With our ex-colleague Aya-chan !

With some monster .

This super friendly bearbear shook hands with me machiam I'm some big shot ! (乐)

Fenny and this pumpkin head !

Both Fenny and I headed to the event together.
& Because I had to work at 6 that day (major turnoff) both of us couldn't do anything out of the norm's norm.
We still look normal that day just with identical items.
Identical bags , Identical specs, and a twin face / lol/

I very hiao so I wore a big pink ribbon on my head.
Sigh, have to make sure I have no work and everything the next time !

Mirai was working at the Tofu in Wonderland Cafe, so we decided to pay her a visit and support her .
And to disturb of course. (笑)

See what we did !

Drinking greentea @ Tofu in wonderland Cafe.

Nonsense we wrote to support Mirai .

Sibei act cute face.

#twinnypic 1



Saw this Butterfly in a jar when we were leaving.
Tap to see the butterfly 'fly around'
No insect cruelty no worries!

A.RINGO! \m/

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