Monday, April 18, 2011

Review : Holika Holika Apple Shine Peeling Sheet

I guess everyone knows that the korean beauty shop CN Blue endorsed for , Holika Holika is opened nao !
It is located at Wisma Basement 1 .

I got to know the shop because my twin , Fenny was very interested in the egg soap thingy (which had good reviews on the net) .
Her review here .

So I got 2items from the shop

And I am going to share MY opinion on the Apple Shine Peeling Sheet.
It cost SGD $2.50 Per piece , which is very expensive in my opinion .

Super kawaii packaging I know! And thats why I brought it.

I was somehow cheated feelings by the shop assistant .
She told me that I was a mask (Peeling Sheet written on packaging)
And this is how it looks like !

Just a pad .
There only a slight difference between the 2 sides.
& When you apply it on to your face, it produce white little things like this

I tried on my hand , same thing happened.

Personally I do not like the product.
There is not much of a effect on my face.
The smell was okay , bearable .
Nice apple smell at first, but it smells like my faceshop nail remover at the back.
I have very sensitive skin and it cause my skin to itch a little and some reddishness.
What does not work on me does not mean that it will not work on you .
However I still do not recommend to purchase this product.

2words : no good.

p/s : CN blue is handsome.

Thatsall for this not so good review.


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