Friday, April 22, 2011

Poppin' Cookin' Soft cream VLOG

Hello everyone !
I just did a vlog on poppin'cookin' Soft cream this afternoon with Diyan .
Spend like nearly SGD $10 on this and we could only play it once so it is a must to video it down.
No ?
Very sorry for the bad lighting and everything bad, but I guess it will cheer you up a little if you are having a bad night or maybe insomnia ?

Oh well , just watch and hear me talk nonsense.

By the way this is our end product !

I never taste it so I am never going to be able to rate it.
I gave 2 pieces to my mum and she dare not eat it .
She threw it away , ( that's what she told me )
This is Diyan eating !

That's all .
& I'm having photoshoots later on.


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